Thinking of Visiting a Popular Tourist Destination? Try These More Affordable Alternatives Instead

Popular travel destinations usually earn their status for good reason: they deliver on culture, scenery, food or flair. Unfortunately, because of their reputations, the most sought-after regions have become so laden with tourists that some have started turning vacationers away from their busiest areas. Still, if you are able to gain entry, there may be some drawbacks — like price hikes and possible tourist traps.


Instead of Tuscany, Italy … Go to Abruzzo, Italy

East of Rome, the Abruzzo region of Southern Italy might just be one of the last towns in the country where a tourist can show up and be the only foreigner for miles, says Scott Keyes, founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights. “There are charming, beautiful hill towns — two favorites are Prezza and Pacentro, both easy to access from the ‘hub’ of Sulmona,” he says, “delicious restaurants and agriturismi [farm stays] and some absolutely stunning spots to hike, all for ridiculously low prices.” Case in point: in Pacentro, the top-rated restaurant on Trip Advisor has an estimated price range of $23 to $40 per meal.

Nearby national parks are also free and have picturesque trails that coil around the mountains through forests and fields of wildflowers, Keyes adds.



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JULY 12, 2019

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